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Ford Ranger Suspension

Whether you use your 4WD on bush tracks, on the beach, or everywhere in between, you’ll need the best Ford Ranger suspension for a smooth ride. 

At PPD Performance, we offer a wide range of Ford Ranger suspension upgrade kits. You can choose the right suspension kit for your preferred ride height. We have packages from major suppliers, including Rancho, Bilstein, and Fox. 

If you haven’t had a Ford Ranger suspension upgrade yet, then you’re seriously missing out. 

With a suspension upgrade, you can push your 4X4 to its full potential. Although Rangers are already built to be tough, aftermarket suspensions can make tackling the harshest driving conditions even easier.  

Getting a Ford Ranger Suspension Upgrade

When upgrading the suspension of your 4X4, you should consider several factors first. You should determine what you want from the suspension. Do you want a more comfortable ride for everyday driving or better handling off-road? 

Different suspension kits give you different results. For instance, you need sturdier and tougher components if you want to increase the load-bearing potential of your ute. 

Ford Ranger Suspension Kits

Our Ford Ranger suspension kits come with the components you’ll need, and typically include:

  • Shocks – Shock absorbers are the most vital part of the suspension. They make sure the vehicle is kept comfortable and smooth on the road. Most people choose a high temperature, high-pressure upgrade for better off-road driving. 
  • Springs – Another component of the kit is the springs. They work with the shock absorbers to absorb the energy created when driving over uneven surfaces. 
  • Bushes – They separate the moving parts of the Ford Ranger to reduce scratching and scrapping between the pieces. They also help absorb shocks to prevent damaging delicate portions of the vehicle. 
  • Bolts and Shackles – Lastly, the kit comes with nuts, bolts, and shackles required for installation. 

Aside from suspension upgrade skits, we stock a variety of 4X4 accessories for the Ford Ranger. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.