Ford Ranger (2012-2018) PX & PXII T6 3" suspension lift kit - A1 Fox Tour Pack

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Ford Ranger (2012-2018) PX & PXII 3" suspension lift kit - A1 Fox Tour Pack

Pushing your 4x4 to the absolute limit and need the suspension lifted ? We supply kits, comprehensively designed to give a complete solution, tailored to your requirements. Wanting all of the advantages of a foam cell strut, at an affordable price ? 

This kit, designed specifically for the PX & PXII Ranger will lift your vehicle by 3 inches, and provide dramatically improved road holding, towing balance and off-road performance.

 This full kit, comprises the following;

  • Front Fox coilover
  • Rear Fox shocks
  • Front platinum coils
  • Tough dog Rear leaf springs
  • Leaf spring bush kit
  • 4x roundtop u-bolt
  • Rear Greaseable Pin & Shackles
  • 1x Tough dog - Non Adjustable UCA kit
  • 1x Tailshaft spacer kit

These kits will get your car performing at it's peak. Specifically designed for multi disciplinary use, whether you're rolling to work, or playing in the most trying off-road conditions, the Fox upgrades have you covered.