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Ford Ranger Protection

PPD Performance has all the Ford Ranger protection products you need for taking your 4x4 into the roughest terrains as well as for everyday use. 

We offer various protection products, such as side steps, bull bars, tensile steel bash plates, fender flares, and rear bars.

The Ford Ranger Bull Bar 

One of our most popular Ford Ranger protection products is the bull bar. Installing a Ford Ranger Bull Bar is one of the best things you can do to protect your 4X4. Some benefits it can offer include:

  • Protection – A Bull bar can provide protection in minor accidents, as well as against small scrapes and rocks.  
  • Safety – Bull bars can prevent the energy of an impact dissipating through the vehicle. They work in two ways. Firstly, they reduce the damage from the impact. Secondly, it can help protect you and your passengers from serious injury.
  • Practical – PPD Performance only stocks products that are highly functional. Our Ford Ranger protection products provide practical advantages. Designed specifically for the Ranger, our bull bars are designed not hinder your winch and lights. 

The Ford Ranger bull bar we stock follows the profile of the vehicle. OzROO designed the bull bar so that it doesn’t add to the width of the vehicle. It has no sharp edges. It also has no open-ended frame members. Also, the bull bar design complies with Australian design rules. 

Ford Ranger Protection Line

Aside from the bull bar, our Ford Ranger protection products include:

  • Side steps – Protects the sill rail and side of your 4X4. 
  • Tensile steel bash plate – Protects the undercarriage of the vehicle.
  • Fender flares – Allows you to run on bigger wheels and protect your vehicle at the same time. 

Contact us for more information about our Ford Ranger bull bar and Ford Ranger protection products.