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Ford Ranger ECU Remapping

Ford Ranger ECU remapping is a cost-effective way of improving the performance of your vehicle. It is a key part of almost any Ford Ranger upgrade and can improve torque and power, increase throttle response, and offer smoother power delivery.

Benefits of a Ford Ranger Power Upgrade 

Remapping removes some of the limitations of the Ford Ranger set by the manufacturer. By going through a remap, you can make your vehicle settings more precise, depending on where you use the vehicle, the quality of fuel available on the market, and the altitude of where you’ll be driving. When you combine remapping with fine-tuning, you’ll have better torque and power output. 

Ford Ranger ECU remapping can help increase mileage and get the most value from your money. Remaps provide more precise control of the fuel that results in better fuel economy. At the same time, it can improve driveability and performance will making the Ranger better to drive, increasing driveability and performance by as much as 40 percent. 

How Ford Ranger ECU Remapping Works

The Ford Ranger ECU remapping process starts with buying one of our remappers (remote tune). You will be provided with easy to follow instructions so you can connect the remapper to your vehicle and with the provided software you can download a file that can be tuned.

You then email the file from the vehicle to PPD Performance and we will analyse and adjust using specialist software and systems. Your tuned file will be sent back to you for uploading to your Remapper, and connection and uploading back to your vehicle. 

At PPD Performance, we can customise ECU remaps to your needs. We can provide you with more than one set of remaps so you can switch between them depending on your driving requirements. It is particularly useful when you’re using your Ford Ranger on different types of terrains and driving conditions. 

Ford Ranger Power Upgrade Specialists

For more information on Ford Ranger ECU remapping products and our other performance solutions, contact the experts, PPD Performance, today.