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Diff Drop Relocation (RA, RA7, RC, Early D-Max Shape)

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Diff Drop Relocation (RA, RA7, RC, Early D-Max Shape) available on AfterPay. We deliver Australia-wide! – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth.

N.B. This is not to be used in conjunction with any other diff drop kit on the vehicle, it must be removed and replaced with this product.  

What is this?

Combination diff drop and diff relocation kit.

How much movement?

25mm drop 

20mm forward, which brings the diff centre within 10mm of centre of hub.

What are the benefits?

A ‘Diff Drop’ helps adjust the CV angle following a suspension lift to extend the life of the CVs. 

The standard diff position on the Isuzu are not lined up to the hubs. This results in the CVs sitting on a 7-degree angle before any lift (being a suspension lift) is considered. This is not ideal, particularly when the hubs rotate with steering, as the CV angle increases more with the suspension and travel etc.

The 7-degree standard angle also shortens the life of the CVs.

This product was created to reduce the CV angle when at rest, meaning on a standard height vehicle, this relocation and diff drop kit will help minimize the strain and stress placed on the CVs through rotational/steering motion, as well as with suspension travel.  

Options Available

The following colours are available:-

-       Munji Blue

-       Stealth Black

What vehicles does this suit?

The following vehicles with a top mounted intercooler:-

-       RA Rodeo

-       RA7 Rodeo

-       RC Colorado

-       Early D-Max (up to 2012).


Tools required – socket set / pliers / allan keys / spanners / jack / hoist (if available) / screw drivers / hammer / pry bar

Installation Time - Approximately 3-6 Hours depending on tools available and workspace.

Difficulty – Detailed installation video provided; good tool/mechanical knowledge required