Mazda BT-50 (2021-2022) Dual Cab Yakima Platform Ruggedline® Roof Rack – PPD Performance NZ

Mazda BT-50 (2021-2022) Dual Cab Yakima Platform Ruggedline® Roof Rack

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Mazda BT-50 (2021-2022) Dual Cab Yakima Platform Ruggedline® Roof Rack available on AfterPay. We deliver Australia-wide! – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth.

Mazda BT-50 (2021-2022) Dual Cab Yakima Platform Ruggedline® Roof Rack


Innovative, tough, east-west slats enable you to carry all types of gear.

Built-in perimeter channels allow additional positions to mount your accessories.

Constructed from powdercoated aluminium with superior e-coating that gives the LockNLoad Platform the best performance in the toughest conditions.


Applicable to all Yakima LockNLoad Crossbar and Platform load carrying systems.

Confused by how much weight you can actually carry on top of your vehicle? Don’t worry, so are most of us, but this helpful guide should help you calculate this.

If still in doubt, please drop us a line using our online contact form and we will walk you through this.

When trying to calculate how much weight you can carry on top of your vehicle there are few key factors to take into consideration:

  • Load ratings
  • Static vs dynamic forces
  • On road vs offroad usage


RuggedLine® is a premium platform-to-vehicle mounting system, designed and tested in Australia.

Constructed from powdercoated stainless steel for ultimate reliability, RuggedLine is ready to be paired with the existing (and proven) range of LockNLoad Platforms.

The strength of RuggedLine also boasts a modern look designed, and topping this off is premium spec automotive badging in blackened chrome.



  • Innovative slats with 21 mm accessory slots
  • Beefy profile is built to last and looks just as tough
  • East-west slats allow more flexibility to fit your accessories
  • Versatile perimeter mounting tracks for more ways to mount your accessories
  • Corrosion resistant powdercoated aluminium and additional e-coating
  • 7 latitudinal slats

LockNLoad RuggedLine®

  • Designed and tested in Australia
  • Extensively tested for off-road performance and wind noise
  • High-end blackened chrome Yakima badging
  • Constructed from powder coated stainless steel
  • The larger hexagonal cut out design allows for better access, and easier installation
  • Modern, faceted and angular aesthetic aligned with current automotive styling
  • Tools for assembly supplied

Platform A - 1240 x 1530 [9820337]

RuggedLine® Isuzu D-Max CC / Mazda BT-50 DC (2020+) [9841012]

Track Kit for Toyota Hilux Mk8 DC 15+ [8000321]


Platform A 1240 x 1530 mm (Pre-assembled)

Mount Type: Fixed Mount
Product Load Rating:

100 kg

Please refer to the vehicle manufacturer specifications for max load capacity of vehicle. The lowest load rating applies. Reductions may apply off road. Learn more.

Total Product Weight:

26kg (1240x1530 platform)

Retail Part No.

YRGL012A (1240x1530 platform)


Attaches to factory-fitted mounting points. RuggedLine® can be removed. Professional installation advised.

Make sure the latest instructions are downloaded from the website

RuggedLine + Platform Roof Clearance: 95 mm

Alternative Products

Alternative Platform Sizes:




Part number

Platform A 1240 mm 1530 mm 9820337
Platform B 1380 mm 1530 mm 9820338
Platform C 1380 mm 1930 mm 9820339
Platform D 1430 mm 2130 mm 9820340
Platform E 1240 mm 2130 mm 9820341
Platform F 1570 mm 805 mm 9820342
Platform G 1570 mm 1390 mm 9820343
Platform H 1570 mm 2130 mm 9820344
Platform I 1650 mm 1390 mm 9820345
Platform K 1240 mm 1390 mm 9820347
Platform L 1380 mm 1390 mm 9820348
Platform N 1380 mm 2130 mm 9820373
Platform P 1300 mm 1930 mm 9820375
Platform S 1485 mm 1530 mm 9820378
Platform U 1485 mm 2130 mm 9820380
Platform X 1410 mm 1390 mm 9820383