Intake Pipe - PK/PJ Ranger & UN BT-50 (2007-2011) - Munji – PPD Performance NZ

Intake Pipe - PK/PJ Ranger & UN BT-50 (2007-2011) - Munji

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Intake Pipe - PK/PJ Ranger & UN BT-50 (2007-2011) - Munji available on AfterPay. We deliver Australia-wide! – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth.

Important notice!!

This Pipe is made with a Flurosilicone liner which makes these oil safe. Silicone can still sweat but the oil will not deteriorate this material.

Please note when installing, do NOT use rubber grease or oil to help "slide" the pipe on, rather use saliva or hair spray which will dry and help prevent the pipe slipping under high boost applications.

When installing the pipe, be wary of the laminates of reinforcement. If you catch the laminate of the Flurosilicone on the barb end of the air box or turbo, you can cause interlaminate failure which will delaminate this inner lining. If this happens I cannot cover this under manufactures warranty. 

What is this?

A Replacement Reinforced Silicone Intake Pipe

What are the benefits?

Following a 2” body lift, the factory intake pipe will be under pressure from the turbo pulling it downwards. This will split over time and can damage the airbox due to the pressure on the mounts. This Silicone replacement is extremely strong being a 4 layered pipe, mimics the factory expansion section and allows you to run a 2 inch body lift with the factory airbox.

Stainless Hose clamps provided.

What vehicles does this suit?

  • PJ/PK Ranger (2007-2011)
  • UN BT-50 (2007-2011)


Tools required – spanner / pliers / nickel anti-seize grease

Installation Time - Approximately 20 minutes

Difficulty –Do it yourself, basic tool knowledge required 


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