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Gear Box Spacer

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Gear Box Spacer available on AfterPay. We deliver Australia-wide! – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth.

What is this?

Gear Box Spacer

What are the benefits?

Following a 2” body lift, on a manual vehicle, the gear stick will bind in 2nd, 4th and reverse gear, causing it to pop out of gear. This gear box spacer raises the entire gear box 15mm, which is enough to clear all gears and prevent it from popping out of gear. This also lifts the transfer case up, to prevent it from being the lowest part of the vehicle.

What vehicles does this suit?

  • R9 / TF Rodeo (Longer bolts provided for this model car)
  • RA
  • RA7
  • RC Colorado
  • Early D-Max – 2009 to 2012
  • RG Colorado
  • New D-Max / MUX – 2012 to 2017


Tools required –pry bar / spanner

Installation Time - Approximately 20 minutes

Difficulty –Do it yourself, basic tool knowledge required 


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