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1" Engine Lift Kit (RA7, RC, Early D-Max Shape) - Munji

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1" Engine Lift Kit (RA7, RC, Early D-Max Shape) - Munji available on AfterPay. We deliver Australia-wide! – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth.

N.B. This engine lift only suits vehicles with a body lift

What is this?

1" Engine and Gearbox lift kit designed to suit the top mount intercooler 4JJ1 motor.

N.B. Testing is yet to take place on the earlier 4JH1 and late 4JJ1 (post-2012).

What are the benefits?

The 4JJ1 engine sits very low in the chassis in the Rodeos, RC Collies and early D-Max models. This means these model cars have a reduced ground clearance from the sump and transfer case.

Following a body lift installation:-

-       More room is made around the engine, allowing for easier serviceability; and

-       A gap appears between the bonnet and top-mounted intercooler, resulting in a loss of efficiency in the viscous fan.

The purpose of this kit is to lift the engine and gearbox 1” higher, and away from the chassis. Increasing the ground clearance, as the lowest section on these model vehicles is the transfer case, closely followed by the sump.

I've recently been looking into a SAS kit for the Munji Rig, but there have been concerns about the sump clearance, now with 1" more, it sounds like every inch counts...

Options Available

The following colours are available:-

-       Munji Blue

-       Stealth Black

What vehicles does this suit?

The following vehicles with a top-mounted intercooler:-

-       RA7 Rodeo

-       RC Colorado

-       Early D-Max (up to 2012).


Tools required – socket set / pliers / allen keys / spanners / jack / hoist (if available) / screw drivers

Installation Time - Approximately 2-3 Hours depending on the tools available and workspace.

Difficulty – Detailed installation video provided, good tool/mechanical knowledge required



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