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4x4 Flares

If you’ve installed an extra-large set of off-road tyres on your 4x4 vehicle, then your new tyres are probably sticking out past the stock wheel guards. That means you’ll need to fit aftermarket 4x4 flares in order to keep your vehicle legal to drive on the road. 

4x4 flares, otherwise known as fender flares, are designed to fit under the wheel arch of your vehicle, and offer the paintwork extra protection from rocks, mud, and other road debris. Not only that, but aftermarket 4x4 flares look great, transforming the appearance of your vehicle.

At PPD Performance, our selection of bolt-on 4x4 flares are flexible, UV resistant, scratch resistant and have been built to withstand extreme driving conditions. 

Our Range of 4x4 Flares

We sell 4x4 flares made by OzRoo that have been built to last and provide lots of coverage to protect your tyres, as well as hide any rust or body damage. 

A simple modification that will add to the tough appeal of your vehicle, 4x4 flares are a must-have upgrade.

Our 4x4 flares have been designed to suit a selection of vehicle makes and models, including:

  • Ford Ranger (2012-2015)
  • Ford Ranger (2015-2019)
  • Volkswagen Amarok (2010-2019)
  • Toyota Hilux (2002-2012)
  • Toyota Hilux (2012-2015)
  • Toyota Hilux (2015-2019).

Upgrade your vehicle with a set of 4x4 flares and you’ll stop mud, dirt and water being flicked up underneath your wheel arches. 

4x4 Flares and Performance Products Perth

At PPD Performance in Perth, we sell 4x4 flares and other 4x4 accessories to make sure your vehicle is safe to drive when you’re heading off-road or navigating extreme driving conditions. 

If you’re having any difficulty finding the right 4x4 flares for your vehicle, contact us at PPD Performance, and one of our friendly team members will assist you in finding the performance products you’re after.