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EGT Gauges

EGT gauges are an essential 4x4 accessory if you’re driving a diesel turbocharged vehicle. 

Excessive exhaust gas temperatures happen under certain conditions, such as when there’s too much fuel and not enough air in the motor cylinders. 

Sustained speed, climbing and pulling heavy loads can all cause your engine to produce a large amount of heat, resulting in damage to your vehicle if you don’t keep an eye on your exhaust gas temperatures. 

EGT gauges display accurate readings of your exhaust gas temperatures, warning you when levels are too high so you won’t risk damaging your engine or turbocharger. 

Our Range of EGT Gauges

Even though excessive exhaust gas temperatures can cause significant damage to your diesel engine, EGT gauges don’t usually come standard with your 4x4 vehicle. This means they are something you will have to buy separately and have installed. 

At PPD Performance, we sell EGT gauges from leading performance brands, such as the REDARC EGT and Boost/Pressure Gauge, and the SAAS 2 in 1 Turbo Diesel Boost and Exhaust. 

Our EGT gauges monitor your exhaust gas temperatures, so you can always be sure your vehicle is operating within a safe range and that excessive temperatures are not generated. 

Don’t risk the possibility of engine failure. If you’ve had work done on your engine or are running a higher boost, one of our EGT gauges will tell you straight away if your engine is running too hot. 

For superior protection and peace of mind the next time you’re off-roading, contact us about installing EGT gauges today. 

EGT Gauges and 4x4 Accessories Perth

At PPD Performance, we sell EGT gauges and other high quality 4x4 accessories from reliable and trusted brands at the best prices in Perth. 

For more information about the benefits of installing EGT gauges, contact the team at PPD Performance and we will be able to assist you.