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Diff Breathers

If you’re a 4x4 enthusiast, one of the first modifications you may want to make to your vehicle is connecting one of our diff breathers to your differential. 

Factory diff breathers are often too low in the vehicle, meaning water can easily get into your differential and transfer case. Even driving through a small amount of water can suck the water in, causing rust and engine failure. 

Aftermarket diff breathers will make sure water doesn’t get into your differential, keeping it clean and potentially saving you thousands of dollars on repairs. 

Without extended diff breathers, there is also the risk the water will pass through the oil seals and mix with the oil inside the differential, damaging the gears and bearings. 

What’s more is if you drive though any water that is near or above the height of your differential, you are dunking a hot differential into cold water. This will cause it to suck in air, damaging your vehicle. This can be avoided by fitting aftermarket diff breathers to your vehicle. 

Our Aftermarket Diff Breathers

At PPD Performance, you can upgrade your 4x4 vehicle by replacing the factory breather with one of our high quality diff breathers. 

We sell diff breathers engineered in Australia by world-class brands, including the Harrop Differential and Transmission Breather Kit. This diff breather is designed to keep your differentials, gearbox and transfer case free of mud, water, and other contaminants.

Buying and installing aftermarket diff breathers is much more cost-effective than forking out loads of money to repair your differential. 

Diff Breathers and Performance Products Perth

PPD Performance in Perth is a one-stop shop for 4x4 owners looking for accessories and spare parts to maximise the power and performance of their vehicle. 

We stock diff breathers, muffler deletes, 4x4 snorkels and a range of other aftermarket products for your turbo-diesel vehicle. Browse our range of products online.