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At PPD Performance in Perth, we supply high quality bullbars from trusted brands. If you’re heading on an off-road adventure in the bush or on the beach, bullbars will help keep your vehicle safe from hazards, as well as come in handy for mounting accessories. 

Bullbars will protect your headlights, cooling system, bonnet and undercarriage if you have a collision with an animal or another vehicle. They’re also useful for mounting fog lights, UHF antennas, safety flags and flagpoles, fishing rods holders, and other equipment.

In the event you become bogged or if you encounter another bogged vehicle, your bullbar can also act as a recovery point. 

Our Range of Bullbars

When choosing bullbars, there’s a lot to consider. The right bullbar depends on the type of terrain you’ll be covering, how much driving you want to do, what gear you’re carrying and the accessories you want to be able to fit. 

At PPD Performance, we can provide advice on choosing the right bullbar for you.

We have a range of bullbars designed to suit specific makes and models of 4x4 vehicles, including:

  • Toyota Hilux and Toyota Landcruiser
  • Nissan Navara
  • Ford Ranger
  • Holden Colorado
  • Mitsubishi Triton
  • And many more.

Our bullbars are constructed using reinforced steel and are powder coated for maximum durability. They come complete with a fitting kit and instructions, and mount easily to the factory points with heavy duty engineered brackets. Check with one of our customer service team members to see if bumper cutting is required. 

At PPD Performance, our bullbars are compliant with the relevant Australian standards and are air bag safe. They also come with a two year warranty. 

Bullbars and Other 4x4 Products Perth

We specialise in high quality 4x4 performance products including a range of universal accessories that are compatible with your vehicle. 

To find out more about our extensive range of bullbars and other 4x4 accessories and spare parts, contact PPD Performance today.