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4x4 Brake Controllers

If you plan on towing a camper trailer with a Gross Trailer Mass (GTM) of more than 750kg, you will need to ensure your trailer is equipped with brakes. This is an Australian national towing regulation. 

At PPD Performance, you can find high quality 4x4 brake controllers that offer your vehicle many advantages, even when you aren’t towing a heavy load. An electric brake control system activates the brakes on your trailer when you hit the brakes on your vehicle, allowing you to slow down safely and quickly.

By installing aftermarket 4x4 brake controllers, you can minimise the risk of potentially dangerous situations, such as jackknifing, caravan sway and getting bogged. 

When you are navigating difficult downhill terrain, sudden braking might cause your trailer to crash into the back of your tow vehicle. With 4x4 brake controllers, you can retain complete control of your vehicle, ensuring steady and safe braking in all driving conditions. 

Ultimate 4x4 Brake Controllers

At PPD Performance, we have 4x4 brake controllers made by REDARC. The Tow-Pro Elite allows you to change between proportional mode for highway conditions, and user-controller mode for off-roading. 

The Tow-Pro Elite fits into the dash of your vehicle and is simple to operate, allowing you to pull the brakes up on your caravan or camper trailer with the push of a button. 

For optimum solutions in all types of towing scenarios, contact PPD Performance to find out more about our 4x4 brake controllers. 

4x4 Brake Controllers & Other Products Perth

At PPD Performance in Perth, we sell aftermarket products and equipment to help you avoid sticky situations and keep you and your vehicle safe and protected when you are off-roading. 

We sell 4x4 brake controllers, 4x4 brake rotors, and a range of other gear to ensure you have maximum braking performance in all types of terrain.

Contact us today to discuss our 4x4 brake controllers and other performance products.