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Battery Chargers

Battery chargers give you the ability to run electrical equipment from your 4x4 vehicle when you’re camping, touring and going off-grid. 

If you want to enjoy the comforts of home when you’re on the road, battery chargers will maximise the life of your auxiliary battery by keeping it charged when you’re driving. 

High performance battery chargers allow you to power the fridge, lights and your phone charger when your vehicle is off, without having to worry about a dead starter battery. 

With battery chargers, you can gain added confidence that when you head into the outback, you’ll get there and home again safely. 

At PPD Performance, we sell battery chargers and accessories from trusted brands, specifically designed to suit your four-wheel drive.

One of our bestselling battery chargers is the REDARC BCDC1225D In-vehicle Battery Charger, known for being the most advanced dual battery charger you can buy. When charging, it selects solar first, meaning less load on your alternator. 

For super tough battery chargers, you can’t go past the Projecta IDC25 Automatic 9-32V 25A 3 Stage DC/Solar Battery Charger. It’s shock, vibration and dust proof, as well as water resistant. It also includes anti-sparking and over temperature protection systems, so you won’t need to worry about overheating. 

Our Intervolt DCC Pro In-vehicle Battery Chargers are specifically designed to suit harsh Australian conditions by maintaining output on even the hottest days.

If you’re a true 4x4 enthusiast, you’ll also need one of our Projecta dual system battery relay kits. These are essential gear if you want to run a heavy electrical load while keeping your starter battery charged. 

Battery Chargers Perth

At PPD Performance, we stock more than just battery chargers. We also sell all the 4x4 accessories and equipment you need to make sure your next off-road adventure runs smoothly. 

To find out more about battery chargers, battery relay kits, and other performance products, contact our friendly team of experts at PPD Performance today.