Mitsubishi Pajero (2006-2014) NS NT NW 3.2L TD - 3" Stainless Steel Turbo Back Exhaust

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3" Stainless Steel Turbo-Back Performance Exhaust for Mitsubishi Pajero NS NT NW (2006-2014) 3.2L Turbo Diesel

*Please note these do not fit 2006-2008 Manual Pajeros with the 4 bolt turbo.

Want to unleash the full potential of your Pajero?

Replace the restrictive factory exhaust system with this brand new PPD Performance Polished Stainless Steel unit.

Specifically designed for the Mitsubishi Pajero NS NT NW 3.2L Turbo Diesel, this system unleashes the performance and sound that they should have had from the factory!

Seawater corrosion and holes in mild-steel exhausts are a thing of the past now!

Similar systems sell for three times the price!

Turboback Specifications:

- 3" Corrosion resistant, polished stainless steel piping and components. Coated, corrosion resistant steel flanges
 2 & 3 bolt connecting flanges for bolt-on installation
- TIG welded
- Mandrel Bent
- Gaskets and bolts included

Muffler Option:

  • Hot Dog Resonator - As pictured, our louder variant for maximum performance.
  • High Flow Box Muffler - Quiter system but still with excellent performance. Recommended for towing applications.  

For cars with a DPF, this system includes a DPF delete pipe. It can be installed as a DPF-back system (retaining the factory DPF) or as a complete turbo-back (removing DPF). For non-DPF equipped cars this note can be ignored and there will be additional hangers which are in excess. These can be removed during installation if preferred. 

These are a proven design producing fantastic gains on the Mitsubishi Pajero NS NT NW turbo diesel!

Note: An ECU map is recommended when deleting your DPF.

Disclaimer: Note: DPF removal components are designed for off-road use only. Please consider this before purchasing and installing