Ford Ranger (2012-2019) PX PXII PXIII Transchill Twin Kit Automatic Transmission Cooler - TDC621DPK

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FORD RANGER 2012+ Automatic DUAL Transmission Cooler.

Are you serious about off-roading or towing? Seeing too much heat in your Ranger? Designed specifically for the Ford Ranger 3.2 2012+ to reduce transmission heat caused by towing, load carrying and driving in sand, off-road or in hot conditions.

These coolers are proven to reduce transmission temperature by up-to 33 degrees, which improves transmission reliability and the life of ATF and internal components.

Product SKU: TCD621DPK

Product specifications:

  • 2x Davies Craig transmission coolers
  • Ford Ranger specific mounting kit
  • Stainless steel fixing hardware
  • ATF hoses (400psi J1019)
  • Magne ATF filter

These are a great addition to the Ford Ranger, improving transmission performance and reliability. A must for modified vehicles, and those towing loads!